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Peter Cohen is a life long resident of the Jersey shore who feels he has been fortunate to be centered at a confluence of urban, suburban, farm, forest, river and ocean environments. He writes, “The impact upon my field of view is unmistakable. I have been capturing images for 35 years. From the wonder years in a high school photo lab to the mastery of today’s digital darkroom, I have always been self-taught and embraced readily the changes that time and technology have brought to artistic and photographic disciplines. Ultimately, all of the photo art I create begins as an inspiration traveling through the Exploding Eye. The Exploding Eye exists in the infinite space between my camera and my imagination. It harnesses the flow of light and dark and focuses a river of color through a prism of possibility. Only then does it become the seed of art…from Eye-to-Mind-to-You."


Peter’s vision and artistic voice are currently expressed within two major bodies of work:


Inner Spaces and Outer Places: In this collection, Peter writes, “My vision is drawn in two directions simultaneously. While looking outward for visual inspirations, I am drawn inward to discover visual worlds within worlds. Introspective exploration of these inner worlds causes them to become increasingly expansive and unique. The resulting work challenges the observer to seek a point of reference and search for their ‘OH.’ I call the style ‘Abstract to the Point of Recognition.’”


Classics, Curves, and Colors: Peter says of these photographs, “I explore the ‘American Love Affair’ with the ‘classic car.’ Classic cars’ intrinsic beauty of design is visual, textural, and visceral. We have woven them into the fabric of American society. I distill their artistic beauty and explore their undeniable place in the genre of Americana.”




Guild of Creative Art

(Chairman-EyeSights Juried Photography Exhibition, 2006-2008)

National Association of Independent Artists

Center for Fine Art Photography

Monmouth County Arts Council

Art Alliance of Monmouth County

Belmar Arts Council


Peter Cohen is a full-time working artist exhibiting his work
in the top juried fine art shows throughout the United States.